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Save Full video capture, to create 3D movies

Jan 31, 2015 at 12:43 AM
Screen capture is great, but being able to capture SL scenes as 3D movie segments stored to disk would change the world. Combined with motion capture using a video source, this would revolutionize animation. The key would be synchronizing avatar mouth movement with the audio.
Even it you had to worked in slow motion, it would be killer.

Implementation phases:
Save stereo image in proper format for video creation
Assemble video with time dilation (without using a black hole)
Analyze chat voice and generate mouth movement sequences, use script if available.
Record sound into movie at real-time rate to match motion.
Use video of real movements to animate the avatar.
Save interface data into a separate file, to allow retakes.

I am willing to help. I can't build a program from scratch, but am good at debugging the code.

I just bought a LG 47LB6500 and want to have some more content.
I also have NVIDIA-GeForce-GT-730M which I haven't installed yet.
I also have very old style shutter goggles with a wire. Hopefully I can use one of my many microcontroller drive it from IR.

If this works, I may buy a house in SL.
Feb 1, 2015 at 12:24 AM
Hi Nanoguy,

A few people have asked about stereoscopic video capture but unfortunately I don’t have the spare time to implement saving stereoscopic video to disk. However, the viewer can display stereoscopic video on 3DTVs as well as 120Hz active shutter glasses, so perhaps it might be possible for you to capture one of these formats with external hardware connected to the video signal.

Regarding mouth movements, this is already built into Second Life and the viewer: when you speak the avatar’s mouth moves if you have voice enabled. Though another avatar will only see the mouth move if they also have voice enabled.

Regarding avatar animation, I know machinima makers use a variety of methods to accomplish this sort of thing. For example, you might like to look in the machinima forum for starters:

I hope this helps. Best regards,