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Problems seeing mesh

I can't view parts of my mesh body and can't see my head as well. I reinstalled the download and still the same problem. It's been going on for a few days now.

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movement animations switched

after a few days of using the viewer all my normal animations are switched out, I stand crouching, walking makes be do backflips ect. I did a clean reinstall of the software but the same. I would s...

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Bad number components texture:5

Hello all, i downloaded the CtrlAltstudio viewer couple monts ago, then suddenly he starts to gimme that error and some times i even dont finish to load the entrance bar and he give me that error, ...

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RenderResolutionDivisor glitches riftlook

When using RLV-scripted items, some of them simulate blurred vision by setting RenderResolutionDivisor to a different value. When this happens and the viewer is in rift mode, the view glitches out ...

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memory allocation

Hello..., Has anybody encountered the following and if so have you been able to fix it? Perhaps it is something I should take to FS and I wanted to check here first. Thanks a lot On 2015-06-1...

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1st Life field cuts content

ctrlALTstudio's 1st Life field cuts the content (can not hold all characters). It looks to me as if the the field holds no more as 263 characters. Maybe its a skin problem only. Cant dive in that...

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nvidia 3d vision trouble

hello i have downloaded the last version but my 3d vision seems not working with the viewer, i choosed enable stereoscope but i see it in 2d , nothing happen, what i miss? games and test are all o...

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texures, freezing, and pasting issues

I have 3 issues with this viewer. I don't know if I need to make separate "issues" out of them, but here they are... Textures take half an hour at best, never at worst, to load. This includes HUD...

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Profile Viewing

I have been trying to reach someone for the past couple of months about the viewer not letting anyone view the profiles I have to go thru the website on secondlife just to check it is there any sol...

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black textures

hello after enabling advanced ligthing and enabling oculus view (crtl+alt+3) i am having most of the textures as black. here is my config : CtrlAltStudio Viewer 1.2.3 (42797) Mar 16 2015 23:09:...

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